Welcoming Opposites

I have been teaching yoga and meditation for twenty years. My meditation and writing practice provide me with similar benefits— the sense of being at ease and peace and a deep sense of self-inquiry. Every week for the last fifteen years, I have been writing a blog about all aspects of my life based on the tiny things that happen in my very ordinary life. In my daily morning writing practice, I treat my pen and paper like an explorer— digging deep to discover what is present in my mind, periodically inviting a deeper inquiry with the probing question, “What do I mean by fill in the blank?” This is one word or phrase that emerges that invites exploration. In almost every experience, a new moment of understanding or clarity emerges.

I write about seemingly mundane experiences that are relatable to all of us because we are human. My writing is not a prescription about how to live a better life. It is an open door to attend to each moment, welcoming new feelings, thoughts, and emotions as they come. It is an invitation for you to do the same.

I believe there is potential symbolism in every moment of every day. Through writing, I explore the meaning in the symbols and sculpt it all into a short essay that I will share with you every Wednesday morning.

Every other Wednesday (unless you’re a paid subscriber in which case it is every Wednesday), a ping in your inbox will signify the moment to take a deep breath, pause and spend a 5-minute mini-reset for your mind. Each essay gently guides you to explore the most universal life experiences with a more curious mind. The hope is that, through reading about my journey, you will find ways in your own life to welcome, embrace and learn from your own life experiences as they come to you.

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Other Important Stuff

What’s do you get with the free subscription and what do you get with the paid subscription?

With the free subscription, you will get one essay a month sent to your email. With the paid subscription I will share one email each week. Additionally, as the community grows we will have online writing practices and events.

Paid subscriptions are $8/month and $90/year. 

Are there other ways to connect with me?

You can check out my website about doing private sessions in writing instruction or guided meditation at www.lauraculberg.com.

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